Conclusion Notes

Cool plant- Venus fly trap

Venus fly traps are carnivorous. They can be triggered to close on and "eat" prey. However, these plants also perform photosynthesis.

Exam- Conclusion

When writing your conclusion be sure that is two paragraphs and reference old conclusions for formating. Be sure to explain the lab and your hypothesis. Later, you need to prove or disprove your hypothesis. you must support this with data as well as facts about plant growth. Remember to have topic and concluding sentences and to check your spelling an grammar.

We will be typing the conclusion during you exam time in the computer lab. You may bring handwritten notes. You must bring your data table and your textbook.

Prepare for your exam conclusion by gathering materials (labs, conclusion, plant/photosynthesis notes) and by taking notes or making and outline or a draft.

Good luck studying!

Exam Graph

Remember that your graph will be a double line graph. Look at your sample made in class. You need to have title, axes labels, and a consistent scale. If you make a break it must be drawn correctly. You need to have TWO different lines and a key.

Review old graphs, class notes, graphing handouts and old labs.

You may not bring any notes, but you MUST have your data table. You will be given a ruler and graph paper. bring a pencil.

5/16 and 5/17

The blog is back!

Today in class:

1. Students took the Seed/Flowering Plants Test.
2. We checked the marigold lab.

A-Day worked on the Animal Brains Graph.

B-Day discussed the exam graph--see exam graph post to follow:

HW assigned:

-Exam graph in class on 5/19 (B day) or 5/20 ( A day)

- Review and gather exam materials (graphing and conclusion hand outs and notes, old lab, etc.)

Lab Exam

The graphing and conclusion writing parts of your exam are coming up! If you think that you don't have to prepare for this exam....then you are mistaken! It is important that you review old labs, graphs, and material about plants in order to do your best. Here is that handout that I will discuss in class telling you what to do to prepare. Also, pay special attention to what kind of notes, if any, are acceptable.

7th Science Lab Exam

Graph- (Double line graph)

  • · Review graphing guidelines, all old graphing assignments, and all labs.
  • · NO NOTES, only data table.

Conclusion- (2 paragraph conclusion)

· See rubric

· Review old labs, conclusion guidelines, blog.

· Review information (book, power points, notes) on plants, plant growth, and photosynthesis. You may also research plant growth etc. on the internet.

· You may bring notes/outlines etc. and your data table. However, all notes must be HAND-WRITTEN BY YOU. No typed notes, no ipads or laptops.

· You may only access kidblog on the internet during your lab. You may use a blank Microsoft word document to spell check. You may NOT use any other internet site or any other program or document.

Bringing notes that are not acceptable to accessing an internet site/program that is not acceptable will result in a zero on that portion of the exam.

5/10 and 5/11

Today in Class

  1. We took the Structures of flowering Plants quiz. If you were absent you need to see me as soon as you return to school. You will need to make-up this quiz by 5/13 (Friday).
  2. We discussed photosynthesis and the chemical equation of photosynthesis. See "Photosynthesis" powerpoint. Screencast to review photosynthesis coming soon.
  3. We checked the marigold lab and recorded data. During this time photosynthesis vocab t-notes and study guide questions were completed.
  4. We began to discuss to "Reproduction of Angiosperms" powerpoint.

For HW:

Due next class 5/12 or 5/13
- Read pages 114-117
-Reproduction of Flowering Plants vocab t-notes (see study guide)

Due 5/16 or 5/17
-Reproduction of Flowering Plants study questions (see study guide)